Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend - 2 Counter Intuitive Techniques To Win Back Your Ex

How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend?

If you're thinking how to win back my ex girlfriend, I’ll give you a few simple tips that you can start implementing today. First you have to calm down and realize that getting your ex back is totally possible. But you have to guide yourself on the basis of reasons and not emotions. Not following your urges because that will cause you to make mistakes and you end up being further away from your ex.

Trying to get back with your ex girlfriend may seem very difficult to do. And indeed, what appears is what you have to do is usually wrong. Most of the times you just need to follow a counter intuitive way. If you feel you should call, be relaxed and stay calm. If you feel you have to beg her to get back together, better not to say anything.

First, as a little warning, the techniques you're about to discover may seem strange or wrong when you first read them, but they are proven over time and time again that they are the correct way to address this situation.

2 Counter intuitive techniques to get back with your ex girlfriend

Technical counter-intuitive # 1

The first technique is to tell your ex girlfriend that you understand and respect her decision. This is quite difficult to do and probably have a great internal conflict that is going to stop you from doing it. However it is very important that you do this.

The primary reason for doing this is to give your ex enough time to miss you and start to reconsider things again. Furthermore, when you accept your break up, you are separating yourself from her. She will begin to wonder why you are acting in such a manner.

Counter-intuitive technique # 2

The second technique is probably not what you're looking to hear, but you need to completely cut off communication. You're probably ready to close this window and continue reading more, but please stay with me, because this technique really works.

It works for the same reasons it works the first technique. You are giving your ex the opportunity that you begin to wonder. If you do not give this space and you are calling and begging, what you will do more good is annoying and push her further away from your life. Its human nature to want what we can't have, so get away from her for a while and see how it goes back to you.

Also, if she is tired or angry with you, this will serve as great.

Win back your ex - The next step

What you have to do once you've implemented the two previous techniques is to establish a strategy to regain it. I'm going to share a little "secret resource" now that can make your ex girlfriend want you back and win her over. I have only one request. Please don't abuse the methods I'm about to share with you. Once your girlfriend comes back to you, make sure to treat her right.
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