6 Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After You Cheated On Her

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After Cheating?

get your ex girlfriend back after you cheatedThe biggest reason due to which a relationship could fail is cheating. When you break her trust by cheating on her, the toughest thing is to regain her trust back.The usual methods to get your ex girlfriend back are not going to work in this situation. That is why you need to think and act differently to get your ex girlfriend back forever.

If your ex is not willing to take you back, and she is not talking to you. Don't worry I am going to tell you what exactly a woman need after you have been unfaithful to her and how to meet those needs. The steps given below will show you exactly how to get your ex girlfriend back after you cheated on her.
Read them very carefully and don't forget to implement them :-

Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back:-

1. Let her be angry

You will be going to face the biggest nightmare of your life. You cheated on her. She is entitled to be angry on you. She will yell at you, scream at you, curse on you, and you may also get a beating or two. It's not the right moment to talk her off a ledge or telling her that it's alright. The more she rages it's the sign that you had a healthy relationship. Her anger shows how much she loves you and cares about you. Give her an outlet to drain her anger out and wait for the right moment.

2. Make a genuine apology

After you had taken all the beating, and she had calmed down a bit. Ask her for an apology. Be sincere and genuine. Let her know that you are extremely sorry for what happened, and you truly regret it. Don't put all the blame on another girl, don't blame your girlfriend, don't blame anyone. If you don't take the full responsibility on yourself for cheating her, then she will never be finished with her anger phase. You must apologize and take it like a man.

3. Walk away from the situation

You cannot challenge your girlfriend's decision if she had made her mind to break up with you. Begging her and trying too much to talk to her will only make her angry. Just accept your break up for now and be cool with it. Before walking away, tell her that you respect her decision and you yourself is to be blamed for what happened.

4. Don't contact your ex and leave her alone

This is where most of the guys would fail. No contact with your ex means absolutely no contact at all. Don't call her, don't send her text messages, don't even write on her face-book wall. She wants you to suffer the same pain she had been through. Calling her and telling her that you are feeling terrible is not the way. Let her wonder if you are feeling the same guilt, despair, pain and hopelessness that she is feeling right now.

Leave your ex girlfriend alone and let her deal with the break up all by herself. Not being around her is going to prevent a lot of bad things. Her anger will slowly despair, and she will actually start missing you wondering if you are really going to move away. Give her a lot of space. This will speed up the process of getting your ex back.

5. Minimize the damage

Your ex girlfriend will be done with all the crying, being angry, talking to her friends and being alone thought about the break up by now. She will try to re-establish a contact. This is the time when she is going to ask you about the whole thing. She will ask you many questions like when you met her, how many times you got physical with all the minute details.

This is where you need to downplay few minor details for two reasons, first for the benefit of your girlfriend and second for the future relationship if you are going to have any. However, don't hide any major details from your girlfriend and own up to that part. By being general, vague and by downplaying few minor details you could certainly minimize this whole nasty situation in front of her eyes.

6. Apologize to her one last time

If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back then after everything is settled and both of you had enough time apart. You must apologize to your ex one last time. Tell her that you are extremely sorry, and you do realize how wrong it was and you will never cheat on her again. Mean your words, don't just say them. Don't expect your ex to forgive you and take you back. If she still loves you and believes you then with enough time, she will get over the whole drama and start trusting you once again.

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