How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Her New Boyfriend By Not Being Jealous

How To Win Your Ex Back From Her New Boyfriend

win your ex girlfriend back form her new boyfriendIf you are thinking how to win your ex girlfriend back from her new boyfriend then you should know one thing very clearly, it's not going to be easy. But it's not impossible too. In such a situation, you are not only trying to get your ex back but also making her select you over her current boyfriend.

There is a possibility that you may get your girl to love you back once again but not enough to dump her new boyfriend. The other thing is, her new boyfriend is not going to be quiet. He will do everything to make the relationship work. However, you can always get her back if you act smart and cool. Read the steps given below very carefully and implement them next time you come across your ex girlfriend :-

Win Your Ex Back From Her New Boyfriend Tips:-

Don't act jealous in front of your ex girlfriend

Don't be jealous. Instead try to express your superiority by not being jealous when she is with her boyfriend. Don't act like a fool or try to ruin his reputation in public. Don't make any silly attempts to outdo the things he does. Avoid getting into arguments with him.

If your ex finds about you being jealous, it may make him look considerably better over you. Plus, she will find yet another reason why she should chose him and not you. Act like a mature man, let her know that you have accepted your break up and respect the fact that she is with a new guy now.

Reconnect with her emotionally

This is your time to make your life intertwined with hers. Do it slowly, so it doesn't seem unusual. Catch your ex girlfriend at one of her regular spots and try to make a conversation. Don't force her to engage in a conversation if she is not willing. Make each of your meeting a memorable one. Be the guy she fell in love with, the guy she loved to spend her time with. Make your ex laugh, have lots of fun and get lost in her world. Be a gentlemen and always be there by her side. She might surprise you by asking to see you again.

Make your ex girlfriend think

So till now you must have got a fair idea on how to win your ex girlfriend back from her new boyfriend. What's next? Slowly do things that makes your ex girlfriend adore you, simultaneously don't let  her have the slightest hint that you are jealous. Give her current boyfriend a secret competition without his knowing.

If you want get your girl back, then make her think if she really did the right thing by dumping you. Is her current boyfriend really more trustworthy, understanding and caring than you are? This is the time when you need to be the real man and win her trust back.

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