How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back? - 5 Killer Steps To Make Your Ex Want You Back

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 5 Steps

how to get your ex girlfriend backHow to get your ex girlfriend back when she is not taking your calls, cuts off your phone, trying to avoid you and don't want to see or talk to you? The situation is pretty hopeless here. Don't worry, I am going to show you a 5 step plan to make your ex want you back even more.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Steps:-

Step 1 - Let Her Know That You Are Still Available

You might come across many ex back systems and guides before, where they tell you to pretend that you are going out with other girls and try to make her feel jealous. This might work sometimes, but it can easily backfire on you. Suppose she still misses you. However, when she comes to know that you are dating other girls it will make her think that you are emotionally detached from her. However, even if she is not talking to you right now ensure that she know that you are still available.

Step 2 - Give Her And Yourself Enough Time And Space

Having a breakup doesn't mean that you have to sit ideal and cry over it all the time. Put all your negative thoughts aside. I know it's going to be hard, but you have to do it.

Don't call or message or try to see her if she doesn't want to. Give her space and time to rethink about the breakup. In the meantime, you can enhance your personality or get a new hobby. She will notice that you are a strong guy who can manage his life back and will respect you.

Step 3 - Write Her A Hand-Written Letter

This is very important if you really want to get your ex girlfriend back. If she is not picking up your phone, don't call her. Write her a letter instead. You might be thinking why not an email or a text. Trust me, I know this is very old-fashioned, but it works wonder most of the time.

Firstly, you can convey your all your feelings in a letter, and secondly she will acknowledge the fact that you made an effort to write it yourself. Think deeply, collect all your thoughts, revise your contents, be sincere and write a letter avoiding any impulsive verbal emotional words. You can always ask for a female friend to help you if you are finding it difficult.

The look and feel of the letter is as important as your feelings in the letter. Visit a stationary, get a nice matching envelope and send it off.

Step 4 - Keep It Light Hearted If She Talks To You Again

Ensure that she get your letter. Now if she allows you to be in her contact again, keep it light. Don't beg her to take you back or flood her with apologizes. Don't talk a thing about the break up It is not going to make any of you happier. Bury the past. Have a fresh beginning. Be the person she fell in love with and the guy she always loved.

Step 5 - Don't Take It Too Fast

Don't rush into things very quickly now. So, finally both of you are talking to each other. Spend time with her. Make her feel comfortable when she is around you. Be thoughtful and do something that both of you always loved to do together. Take things slowly and this will make your ex want you back even more. When you think the time is right you can always ask her out again.

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